Confessions of an Author: Feeling Like an Imposter


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2 Responses to Confessions of an Author: Feeling Like an Imposter

  1. Kay

    Glad to find you via #BookMarketingChat last night (6-26-19) tho I missed the live chat. Read this thread and marveled and send cyber-bouquets of appreciation that you told us this intimate stuff–we always think someone who looks so successful rides on pink clouds of glory, but the behind-the-scenes is honest and we are glad not to be the only ones. Also love your attitude/tone = this is what it’s like, tough, but I’m going to keep doing it because it does have its own rewards. Thanks again!

    • Dear Kay,
      Cyber-bouquets of appreciation are always very much appreciated, as was the laugh I got about riding on “pink clouds of glory.” Yes, the writing is its own reward, and I do think writers should concentrate on that, even if they are published authors, because the writing is for you alone. Once you publish, the books belong to your readers.

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