How I Dramatically Reduce and Eliminate Migraine Pain


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2 Responses to How I Dramatically Reduce and Eliminate Migraine Pain

  1. Wow, I’m so glad this is working for you. I’d never heard of Infratonic sound waves being used for this sort of thing before. (Honestly, I hadn’t heard of this type of sound wave at all). Hopefully, you continue to find more and more relief from this treatment.

    • Dearest Lydia,
      I’d never heard of sound waves being used for healing, though I’d heard of ultrasonic sound waves being used for diagnostics, surgeries, etc., until my medical massage therapist used it on my damaged hip. I always wanted to try it on my head, especially during an actual migraine, but she was afraid it would induce a seizure. During this long bout with migraine/trigeminal neuropathy, I think she took pity on me and let me borrow her older version to use it. After it began helping with the pain, I decided to get my own. It is doing so much good on the trigeminal neuropathy that I’ve had for almost 18 months, and the I-9 knocked out 2 migraines within 10 days. The I-9 may have been doing even more good but the trigeminal neuropathy was presenting as a migraine for so many months that I couldn’t distinguish between the two types of pain nor find the source. Now I feel like I’m making progress. I’ll be writing more posts as I continue to heal, but I do want to thank you for checking in with me regularly to see how I’ve been doing.
      Hugs and big kisses, my dear friend,
      A xxx

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