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with articles I’ve been reading on Mindfulness,
Migraine, Trauma & Sexual Abuse,
Mental Health, Books, Cooking & Baking


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August 2021

I don’t remember learning to read, but one of my earliest memories is of myself, sitting on the floor between the stacks of a small neighborhood library, reading stories by Hawthorne. The librarian said I wasn’t old enough to have my own library card and I certainly wasn’t old enough to read “grown-up” books. That meant I had to read at the library, so that’s what I did, falling in love with Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales at 8, and with Shakespeare’s tragedies at 12. Books have been my faithful companions ever since. The internet of things opened up a new world of resources for me, and ebooks, blogs, and articles are one of my favorite things about digital life. Here’s what I’ve been reading recently.

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Issue #1
8 August 2021