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The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #65

The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #65 | Dr. Alexandria Szeman 22 January 2023


Meditation Could Be as Effective for Anxiety as Medication, Study Says | Psychology Today

Anxiety is the most common mental health challenge in the U.S., with 34% of the population affected by an anxiety disorder during their lifetime. A new scientific study is the first to directly compare meditation/mindfulness to medication for the treatment of anxiety.


Maximize Headache Relief From Home With Drug-free, Natural Treatments | Migraine Again

Although medication is an important part of any migraine or headache rescue kit, there are a number of things you can do to relieve headache pain at home. When it comes to self-care, there is no shortage of natural remedies and at-home antidotes. Here’s our guide to the top home remedies to treat…

Trauma & Sexual Abuse

How to Heal from Childhood Trauma: 3 Steps to Start Coping | Better Up

Physical or sexual abuse This kind of trauma can cause not only physical damage to the child but also psychological damage that can last for years after it happened. Physical abuse includes any kind of physical violence against a child. It’s sometimes masked as a “discipline measure” by many adults.

RAINN Online Hotline

Your privacy and safety are crucial. Please make sure you are in a safe place and that you are using a secure device and Internet connection. Please note that while we have taken numerous measures to keep your communications safe while using our site, no Internet transmission is 100% secure.

Mental Health

The Science of Wanting: How We Unhook from Dopamine | Mindful

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps motivate us to fulfill our basic needs, but in our modern age of plenty, it can also lead to overindulgence and addiction. So how can we find balance and contentment in an age of instant gratification? Anna Lembke’s gateway drug was Twilight,…


Happy Public Domain Day! Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse Is Copyright Free | Hyperallergic

January 1 is the annual Public Domain Day, meaning a large collection of historically significant literature, films, artwork, and photojournalism is now totally accessible for public use. The Public Domain Review has created a special advent calendar countdown spotlighting their top picks in…

Baking & Cooking

17 Best Food Blogs to Sate your Hunger in 2023 | Influencer Marketing Hub

How did we ever manage to cook before the arrival of the internet? I suppose we had to rely on cookbooks, cooking tv shows, and knowledge handed down from our grandmothers. Of course, the more daring would experiment in the kitchen, remembering the successes, and mercifully forgetting any culinary…

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