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The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #71

The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #71 | Dr. Alexandria Szeman 19 March 2023


Want to Stop Emotional Eating? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions | Sixty and Me
Have you ever thought about the tiny number of things over which we have actual control? There are so many things in life that go on regardless of us actually ‘doing’ anything to make them happen. Trees get leaves and plants grow. It rains. The earth turns on its axis.


Migraines Not Going Away? How to Break Out of a Rut | Migraine Again
Maybe you’ve taken your meds, rested in a dark room, loaded up on water … and you’re still stuck with a migraine attack that’s not going away. It’s so frustrating! We’ve been there. Migraine is a finicky disease.

Trauma and Sexual Abuse

6 Self-Care Tips for Sexual Assault Survivors | Teen Vogue
This method really helps me – I open the notes section of my phone and let out whatever I might be feeling on the screen. A trigger can come from seeing a person who looks like your abuser or even the same car they drove.
RAINN Online Hotline
Do you need help dealing with sexual assault, rape, or incest? Call @RAINN ‘s Hotline 800.656.HOPE (4673) to talk to a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area. Don’t feel comfortable talking? Use chat/text instead.

Mental Health

A Gentle Practice to Wind Down Before Bed | Mindful
Hi, I’m Sara Ivanhoe-yoga director at the University of Southern California where I teach a five-week course on sleep. What I’m going to be teaching you now is a short sequence of gentle movements and breathing techniques to help you wind down at the end of the day and prepare for sleep.
How to Live as a Minimalist: A Beginner’s Guide | The Simplicity Habit
A guest post by Melanie Manard of The Conscious Insider The word minimalism first appeared in the art world of the 60s to describe the work of artist Donald Judd. Nowadays, it’s used to define both design concepts and lifestyle precepts. Minimalism is about recentering on what’s essential in our…


Valentine’s Day’s connection with love was probably invented by Chaucer and other 14th-century poets | The Conversation
As an undergraduate, on a tour of Europe, I happened to step into the church where Saint Valentine’s head was kept. The tour guide told us a (likely fictitious) story about Saint Valentine performing forbidden marriages for persecuted Christians under the Roman emperor Claudius Gothicus (possibly…
I used to hate audiobooks, and now I’m a diehard Audible user | Tom’s Guide
(Image credit: Shutterstock) Friends, readers, fellow book lovers – hear me out. I come not to bury books, but to praise them. As a lifelong reader, I’ve happily spent more than I should on books I’ll never get around to actually finishing. Creating stacks for shelf upon shelf of tomes I pretend…

Cooking and Baking

17 Tasty Meals You Can Make in One Pan | Food and Wine
These one-pan recipes include roast chicken with butternut squash and an easy sheet-pan pizza. Plus more one-pan meals.
Basic Sourdough Bread | King Arthur Baking
Recipes Bread Sandwich bread This tangy, soft sandwich loaf recipe was originally developed for the bread machine; we’ve tweaked it here for those of you without a machine. See our recipe for Bread Machine Sourdough Bread for the original, machine-baked version.

My Books

They lied when they said I killed my mother, but that didn’t stop Betty from leaving me and taking the kids. She even flipped me off after she slammed the car door. Yeah, like I believed they were my kids in the first place.
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