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Ganesha: Diety of Writing and New Beginnings


Ganesha, writing

The Hindu god Ganesha, part-elephant and part-boy, is the patron diety of writers, new beginnings, removing obstacles, guidance, and crossing thresholds. He is one of the most belovèd of Hindu dieties.

One story about him describes how furiously he’s writing when his pencil/stylus breaks or is worn to a nub. Rather than be discouraged or distracted from his project, Ganesha simply breaks off one of his tusks and continues writing. He is associated with literature, as well as with wisdom, learning, religious or spiritual writings, prudence, adaptability, and power. Ganesha is also associated with success in new projects and with removing or overcoming obstacles. Often Ganesha’s only purpose is presumed to be removing all obstacles so people will achieve success in their endeavors, especially ones involving financial gain, power, or fame.

Sometimes, however, Ganesha intentionally puts obstacles in a person’s path. Though this may seem contradictory to his role as “Remover of Obstacles,” Ganesha may put an obstacle in someone’s path because it is not the correct path for that person — at least, not at that time. The obstacle forces the person to choose another path, a path that is more suited to his life or personality (whether or not the person knows it at that moment).

As the “God of Success,” his name is chanted at the start of any important venture, especially writing projects. As the “Remover of Obstacles,” his name is invoked at the start of any new venture, whether it be starting a relationship or business; moving to a new home; having a baby; beginning a writing project: book, novel, short story, article, creative non-fiction, screenplay, script, play, poem, or blog-post.

Ganesha, Dancing with Book
To make an offering to Ganesha, who loves sweets, place some candies, fruit, or other sweet before his image. Ask his blessing as you begin your new project. Ask him to remove any obstacles that may be placed in your path. Remember to ask him to guide you along your chosen path by putting obstacles into it, if necessary, so that you may choose another way.

Afterward, Ganesha will “return” the sweets you have offered to you as spiritual food. When you eat the divine food, you will be closer to Ganesha. As you eat the blessed offering, thank Ganesha for your anticipated success with your project, new venture, or writing, and for his blessings as well.

You might like listening to this Song to Ganesha each day before you start writing, or when you are about to embark on a new project.

Happy Writing.
Happy New Beginnings.



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