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So, What’s Wrong with Lip-Sync-ing?


Emma Stone in her lip-synch battle with Jimmy Fallon ©

Lip-syncing. It’s caused quite a few outrages over the years, especially when famous singers lip-sync the National Anthem at some major event, or their  own songs during some Super event. I get the problem with lip-syncing if you’ve paid a significant amount of money to see a top artist in concert, and the artist simply gyrates the body while lip-syncing to his top song. If I go to a concert, I want to hear the performance live, even if the singer is playing his own voice in the overdubs. Annie Lennox, with her incomparable voice, does it. So does Lady Gaga. But the main song — those fine artists sing their songs in concert themselves. Lady Gaga even inserts some speaking or some variation in the recorded versions so that her audience know that it is, indeed, Lady Gaga live to whom they are listening.

Jimmy Fallon, of The Tonight Show, has been challenging his guests to lip-syncing contests. Each guest picks his own song, without the knowledge of the others, and then performs a part of the song, each trying to outdo the others. This ain’t no karaoke, and with some of these fine actors, lip-syncing has become a performance to outdo the originals. I’m not going to reveal the songs, since that’s part of the surprise, so they’re not in the tags either.

Apparently, Stephen Merchant “invented” this game with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. When Jimmy challenged Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they rocked the stage like you would not believe. I’d pay to see these guys lip-sync. No one thought they could be topped. That video had over 20M hits on YouTube before it was taken down.*

And then came Emma.

Sweet, demure, lovely Emma Stone, while promoting her role in The Amazing SpiderMan 2, rocked the socks off the audience. Her video contest has over 83M views since it aired. If you can take your eyes off her, take a look at the expression on Jimmy’s face while she’s performing. Here are Jimmy and Emma, trying to out-lip-sync each other.

Jimmy Fallon’s Lip-Syncing Contests, however, ROCK the total awesome-ness! Jimmy Fallown graciously claims the “winners” are his guest lip-sync-ers. I say the audience is the big winner.

And hats off to all the fine actors who put as much work into their lip-syncing parts as some actors do into their entire movies. Watch out, Meryl Streep and Gary Oldman: your Oscar-nominated competition is on its way.

Bravo all!

* The original Fallon video of Stephen Merchant Joseph Gordon-Levitt lip-synching has been removed for some reason, and there are only snippets of it still remaining on the ‘Net.


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