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The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #58

The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #58 | Dr. Alexandria Szeman | 13 November 2022

For the past two years — ever since Twitter bought it — I’ve been using Revue to make my weekly newsletters. Unfortunately, Twitter has decided to shut Revue down. So if you think the newsletter looks different this week, you’re right. I’m using a new app to create it.

No newsletter next week. It’s Thanksgiving in the US, and my kitties and I will be celebrating the holiday weekend by eating turkey and all the usual side dishes, including pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream.


The Transformative Effects of Mindful Self-Compassion – Mindful
Leading experts on mindful self-compassion Drs. Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer share how self-kindness, recognition of our humanity, and mindfulness give us the strength to thrive. An explosion of research into self-compassion over the last decade has shown its benefits for well-being.


Migraine: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Triggers, and More
More than just the cause of “really bad headaches,” migraine is a neurological condition that can cause multiple symptoms. While intense, debilitating headaches frequently characterize it, additional symptoms may include: The condition often runs in families and can affect all ages.
Can Epsom Salt Help Anxiety?
Magnesium sulfate bath crystals, more commonly known as Epsom salt, has been used medicinally to treat a wide range of conditions, including muscle aches and pain. In addition to these benefits, research has found that Epsom salt baths may be helpful for some individuals as a natural treatment for…

Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Grounding Techniques: Exercises for Anxiety, PTSD, & More
Grounding is a practice that can help you pull away from flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging emotions. Grounding techniques are exercises that may help you refocus on the present moment to distract yourself from anxious feelings.
Recovering from Rape and Sexual Trauma – HelpGuide.org
Sexual violence is shockingly common in our society. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 1 in 5 women in the U.S. are raped or sexually assaulted at some point in their lives, often by someone they know and trust.

Mental Health

What Is an Existential Crisis?
An existential crisis is the feeling of unease people experience about meaning, choice, and freedom in life. This existential anxiety often causes people to feel that life is inherently pointless and that existence has no meaning. An existential crisis can also lead to feelings of confusion about…
Need Help Finding Mental Health Services? Start Here
We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process. Despite the stigma that surrounds conversations on mental health, many people have experienced mental health symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Five Magical Realist Novels with Murder Mysteries At Their Center
When I started writing my novel, The Storyteller’s Death, I didn’t plan on putting a murder mystery at its heart. In fact, if you had asked me when I’d first started in this craft if I’d ever write a murder mystery, I would have said, “Oh HELL no! They’re too hard.

Cooking and Baking

Which Superfoods Are Worth It?
We’ve got news for you: technically, there is no such thing as a “superfood.” That’s a term created by the food industry. Many of the so-called superfoods do deliver significant nutritional benefits, but beyond that, there’s nothing magical about them. They certainly don’t have the power to cure or…
Create Your Own Spice Blends, Based on the World’s Cuisine
Each culture is known for its particular use of spices and herbs and learning to make your own version of these blends is a great way to deepen your knowledge of different cuisines, as well as cooking.

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