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Welcome to The Alexandria Papers




Yes, the blog looks different now. I’ve changed to WordPress, after only a few blogs, because my other blog host was discontinued. The content’s still the same: my musings on a wide variety of subjects, some practical, some intellectual, some existential, some amusing. I like books, writing, films, music, actors, and I’ll be writing about all of that as well as whatever else comes to mind that I think you’ll be interested in. Grab a cookie or pastry, fill your cup of coffee (I also have tea), sit back, and enjoy.


Please check back regularly for new entries, subscribe to have them delivered to you by email, or see announcements about them by following me on Twitter @Alexandria_SZ.

There, now, I have officially dipped my toe into the waters of Blog-dom.

Oh, and there’s always plenty of fine dark chocolate around for your reading pleasure.

And this, for your listening enjoyment. Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement.


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