The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #81

The Alexandria Papers Newsletter #81 | Dr. Alexandria Szeman 22 October 2023


12-Minute Meditation: A Guided Practice to Cultivate Kinder Self-Talk | Mindful
When we notice our inner voice, and notice when we’re focusing on negative thoughts, we can cultivate a habit of self-compassion.
12 Minute Meditation: Check in With Your Whole Self | Mindful
Help students develop their motivation and self-esteem! Explore 12 Minute Meditation: Check in With Your Whole Self with Ashley Williams.


Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Migraine Can Help You Cope |Migraine Again
An expert headache specialist answers common questions about chronic migraine symptoms, like light sensitivity, plus how to prevent them.
An Expert Explains Migraine Aura From Visual Phenomena to Hand Tingling | Migraine Again
What is a migraine aura? An expert headache specialist explains common symptoms, duration of symptoms, treatment, and more.

Trauma and Sexual Abuse

What Does Successful Recovery From Your Childhood Trauma Look Like? | Annie Wright
In today’s essay, a psychotherapist shares what successful recovery from childhood trauma does and does not include.
10 Ways to Heal From Trauma | Very Well
Bouncing back after a traumatic event isn’t easy and can sometimes be a lifelong process. Learn about how to heal from trauma and explore strategies that can help.
Call for Writers | CPTSD Foundation
We understand not everyone is a professional writer, and that’s OK! Our team is here to help. Length: A blog post should be 600 – 1200 words, though a longer or shorter blog will be considered based on the judgment of the editor.

Mental Health

4 Best Mental Health Apps To Use in 2023 | Tested by Experts | Everyday Health
Mental health apps can connect you with an online therapist, teach you tools for relaxation and better sleep, and help you journal your thoughts.
7 Affordable Online Therapy Sites Like Betterhelp | The Good Trade
We love and trust these online therapy websites for high-quality support with trained counselors-all from the comfort and privacy of home.


Best Mystery Books: Top 5 Suspenseful Stories Most Recommended By Experts | Study Finds
Our list of the top five best mystery books centers on crimes as well as the clever investigators who solve them.
99 Books For When You Don’t Know What To Read Next | The Good Trade
Our favorite novels, essays, short story collections, and more for when you aren’t sure what to read next.
Our Editors Share Their Favorite Substack Newsletters | The Good Trade
Our favorite Substack newsletters-ranging from culture and news to music and personal essays.

Cooking and Baking

25 30-Minute One-Pot Dinners for Fall | Eating Well
Fall is quickly approaching, and we can’t wait to make these cozy and quick dinner recipes.
Beginner’s Guide to Sourdough Bread | Feasting at Home
Join thousands of others who have mastered sourdough bread baking with our easy beginner’s guide and videos.
Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes | Eating Well
Find healthy, delicious fruit smoothie recipes including strawberry, mango and banana smoothies. Healthier recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

My Books

While the Music Lasts: Poem to My Younger Self
“Each night, standing in the hallway at the open door of the bedroom, I see you lying in the fading light, his arms around you, and I want to tell you everything…”
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