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Interested in Meditation? Here Are the Basics | Mindful
Meditation is a core mindfulness practice that you can customize to meet you where you are, bring your attention to the present moment, and engage in more compassion and connection. Here’s what you need to know to get started.
How to Make Gratitude a Daily Habit | Mindful
It’s easy to focus on what we want rather than what we have. But when we shift our awareness to the present moment, we begin finding moments of gratitude in everyday life.
10 Beginner-Friendly Online Mindfulness Courses That Go Beyond Meditation | Well and Good
Right now is the perfect time to begin a new practice with online mindfulness courses because you know your brain needs a rest.


11 Drinks That Could Help Your Headache | Migraine Again
Instead of an aspirin, mix up one of these powerful drinks for headaches, morning or night. Chock full of natural pain-relieving ingredients. Tasty too.
This Is the Reason Migraines Affect Sex Abuse Survivors | Rachel Thompson via Medium
I’ve had migraines since well, my teens – more intensely since my late twenties. I’ve seen neurologists. I’ve had MRIs. I’ve tried chiropractics. Alternative therapies (acupuncture, massage). Dietary changes…
Self-Care for Migraine | American Migraine Foundation
Learn more about popular self-care strategies to help reduce the severity and frequency of your migraine attacks.

Trauma and Sexual Abuse

We Have to Talk About Childhood Trauma and Chronic Illness | Healthline
Physical trauma can cause health problems later in life, but what about mental stress? We unpack how childhood trauma may lead to chronic illness in adulthood.
How to find help with healing from childhood trauma | PBS
Childhood trauma is a complicated issue and the path to recovery is not one-size-fits-all, but here is a starting point for those seeking help.
13 Reasons People Didn’t Realize They Were Being Abused as Kids Until Adulthood | The Mighty
Members of The Mighty’s mental health community share why they didn’t realize they were being abused as kids.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Benefits of Physical Exercise | VeryWell
Learn about the mental health benefits of physical exercise on anxiety, the best exercises for mental health, and how to start an exercise plan.
The Damaging Impact Of Weight Stigma In Healthcare | The Curvy Fashionista
For many fat people, the doctor’s office is a place where they have experienced weight stigma. The doctor’s office is a place where many fat people have experienced pain and trauma. They have been denied care, and their pain is not taken seriously.
Need Help Finding Mental Health Services? Start Here | Healthline
Mental health services help people manage psychological and behavioral issues, like stress, anxiety, and depression. Here’s how to find services near you.


Join the 2024 War and Peace Read Along | Simon Haisell via Footnotes and Tangents on Substack
Introducing the 2024 slow read of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. War and Peace has 361 chapters. So, it’s the perfect book to read a chapter a day over the course of a year.
The best female authors of all time | Abe Books
Want to read more books written by women? Here are 100 talented female authors to get you started or keep you going – from Virginia Woolf to Donna Tartt and 98 more.
8 books to read during burnout when you feel exhausted | Lucy Fuggle via  Tolstoy Therapy
Books are my remedy and preventative medicine for burnout. In an age of exhaustion, here are some of the best books for burnout I’ve read in 2021.

Cooking and Baking

17 Beginner Cooking Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner | BuzzFeed
Cook smarter, not harder.
23 Best Baking Tips of All Time | Eat This, Not That
We rounded up a few of our best baking tips and hacks, so you can bake with success next time you’re craving some cookies.
21 Baking Books Our Staff & Community Swear By | Food 52
These are the baking books we turn to again and again-including authors like Dorie Greenspan, Joanne Chang, Maida Heatter, and Stella Parks.

My Books

The Kommandant’s Mistress, (a novel)

The rumors spread by the Camp’s inmates, other Nazi officers, and the Kommandant’s own family insist that she was his “mistress,” but was she, voluntarily? Told from three different perspectives – that of the formerly idealistic Kommandant, the young Jewish inmate who captivates him, and the ostensibly objective historical biographies of the protagonists – this novel examines one troubling moral question over and over: if your staying alive was the only “good” during the War, if your survival was your sole purpose in this horrific world of the Concentration Camps — whether you were Nazi or Jewish — what, exactly, would you do to survive?  Would you lie, cheat, steal, kill, submit?

Flashing back and forth through the narrators’ memories as they recall their time before, during, and after the War, and leading, inevitably, to their ultimate, shocking confrontation, “Szeman’s uncompromising realism and superb use of stream-of-consciousness technique make [this novel] a chilling study of evil, erotic obsession, and the will to survive” (Publishers Weekly * review).

A New York Times Book Review “Notable Book” and one of its “Top 100 Books of the Year,”  Winner of the University of Rochester’s Kafka Prize for “the outstanding book of prose fiction by an American woman,” the tales told by the Kommandant, his “mistress,” and their “biographer” will mesmerize and stun you, leaving you wondering, at the conclusion, which, if any, is telling the complete truth about what happened between them.

• New York Times Book Review “Notable Book”
and “Top 100 Books of Year”
• University of Rochester Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize
“the outstanding book of prose fiction by an American woman”
• Publishers Weekly (* review) “Outstanding Merit”
• Talmadge McKinney Award “Excellence in Research”

As powerfully written, darkly humorous, surprising, and accessible as Szeman’s prose works, these poems let you glimpse into the hearts, lives, and minds of ordinary people — whether they be mythological, biblical, literary, or contemporary — as they struggle to make sense of relationships, family, marriage, divorce, children, spirituality, faith, and the existence of God. As they struggle to comprehend the very things each of us experiences every day.

Szeman’s themes are universal, encompassing the perspectives of men and women, adults and children, equally honestly. All of the poems in the collection have been previously published in literary and university journals; several were part of her dissertation, Survivor: One Who Survives. Elliston Poetry Prize (’83, 84, ’85) and the Isabel & Mary Neff Creative Writing Fellowship (’84-85). Along with her Holocaust poetry collection, Where Lightning Strikes, this collection, Love in the Time of Dinosaurs, was unanimously accepted for publication by all outside readers of UKA Press in 2004.

• Grand Prize Winner, Elliston Poetry Prize
• Isabel & Mary Neff Creative Writing Fellowship
• First Place, Elliston Poetry Prize
• Second Place, Elliston Poetry Prize
• Centennial Review Prize for Poetry
• Honorable Mention, Non-Rhyming Poetry,
Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Contest



My Other Books
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